EPCM is a holding company made up of several companies, each of them specializing in a specific field to provide services to the oil and gas sector, as well as the mining and technological industries sectors.
What epcm is known for is the ability and readiness to participate in all aspects of the infrastructure project life cycle, from project concept development to construction and operations. Providing all necessary services with the company’s human and material capabilities from the stage of concept development to construction and operation.

Under this partnership between the Libo Technical Services Company and the EPCM Holding Company, we affirm our sincere interest in providing a variety of services in engineering, procurement, building and construction management, manufacturing and many other oil and gas products and energy related services including cathodic protection.

The Libo Technical Services Company is the only local partner, as the company will provide all administrative services inside Libya and will remain the main point of contact for clients in all projects to ensure the required communication with them when required.